1. When will the standium be built?


Suttppibnfp expects  to have ground breaking ceremoies . It takes approximately two years to build. THE ORG'S CURRENT CAPITAL FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN FOR PURCHASE THE OF LAND.


2. Where will the stadium be built?


We’re looking at the possible places to build based on cost of land, egress and ingress, acceptability by local towns and townships,etc. We’re looking inside will co. And kankakee co.

3. How big will the stadium be?

Approximately 400,000 sq. Feet inside . Roughly 20,000 seats.


4. Will the stadium only have baseball?


No. The stadium will be transitional and state of the art in all aspects of build including , synthetic turf, dugouts, scoreboard, advertising signs, batting cage areas, pitching areas, classroom settings, auditorium, library of sports. Media room, and banquet hall. The stadium will also be used for softball . Later on phase two will add onm additional buildings for volleyball, basketball, olympic swimming pool, gymnasium space for cheer leading , martial arts etc.

5. How will the stadium be funded?

The stadium will be funded thru fed and state grants, pubic donations, fundraisers, corporate sponsorship.


6. Who will the stadium benefit?

The stadium will benefit all citizens of all ages, from all communities as far as they can travel.


7. How many stadiums will be in the state of illinois?


One stadium is planned at this time, however suttppibnfp is stategically planning fund raisers in the states of michigan, wisconsin, indiana, georgia.


8. Who founded step up to the plate, play indoor baseball,nfp?


The founder is David k. Wooten , pres, and ceo. Eastern Iillinois Univ, Psychology and Business law THIRTY TWO year plus employee at Exelon/Com Ed.


9. Will the construction of an indoor stadium create jobs?


Yes! And importantly create economic development strategies. Jobs as you know them now at most outdoor stadiums, only that suttppibnfp offers four seasons of baseball and employment and internships, and voluntary positions.


10. Will there be camps and clinics for sports?


Yes! For all ages.