June 12, 2024

STEP UP TO THE PLATE, PLAY INDOOR BASEBALL, NFP is a 501 (c)3  initiative to provide first class athletic facilities  in the Illinois / Indiana regions of the midwest. As http://www.playindoorbaseball.com/  .  The initiative seeks to raise money to construct a four-season facility that will dramatically increase the access to sports activities.   In a 400,000 sq. ft. 20,000 seat stadium with state of the art LEED lighting, environmentally friendly atmosphere, baseball will be a primary focus, but other sports will be able to use the facility, and community groups will be able to use the facility as well. Individual area residents,  will participate in baseball and other sports on the grounds of the facility to be developed by the organization. Very low nominal fees may be charged to individuals through teams they are members of, for use of the stadium, to help defray the cost of operations. Local organizations, including athletic teams and community groups, support businesses like batting cages, baseball academies, gymnastics academies, etc. will use the stadium for sports, games, clinics, leagues and related activities, including potentially hosting meetings and seminars.  Their are many entities local firemen , local police depts., and local businesses that I come in contact with every day that demonstrate the need for an outlet to play or just be a part of mentoring young people. Well here it can happen. Lets all get on board to build the indoor baseball/ multisport complex.  Their is nothing like it in the U.S.A.. We can dramatically increase employment here in Illinois.   Nominal fees may be charged to these organizations for the use of the facility to help defray the cost of the facility. Conventions, auto shows, etc.  Due to the complexity of developing a four -season sports stadium, Step Up To The Plate will seek outside assistance with the planning and development of the stadium including but not llimited to , the use of architects, consultants, engineers, and contractors.  The orgs  REGISTERED OFFICE IS LOCATED AT 21470 ENGLISH CIRCLE, FRANKFORT,IL 60423.  ALSO LOCATED WITHIN THE  81st DIST STATE REPRESENTATIVE AND 41st SENATE DIST.  100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS BY CHECK TO 21470 ENGLISH CIRCLE,FRANKFORT ,IL. 60423  FEIN : 432098551    PLEASE CLICK ON  OUR HOSTING OBJECTIVES IN THE MENU. THANK YOU.   LIVE UNITED!  FOR ALL !   BECAUSE WE CAN !